Authenticity of MPP-Europe

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Mon Jun 17 00:12:26 MDT 1996

I suggested on 16th June that neither Adolfo nor Luis
can claim definite support from within the PCP.

However the interview between New Flag and Sol Rojo
on 2nd June was an interesting document. It seems
unlikely that Sol Rojo would risk claiming it is publishing
with the approval of the PCP, if that is not the case.

Exposure might be swift and ignominious.

Would Adolfo and his supporters care to comment?

              NF: The New Flag (MMP-USA)
              SR: Sol Rojo (MPP-Europe)

                   (Part 1 of 2)

1) NF: what is the purpose in publishing Sol Rojo?

SR: Sol Rojo is the systematic publication of the documents of
the Party with the goal of stimulating study among the
sympathizers of the PCP and the People's War. Sol Rojo
facilitates the study of the line of the PCP and allows the
participation of the masses in the publication of the writings of
President Gonzalo in volumes.  In addition, in light of the
documents and directives of the Party on actual deeds developing
in the world, we will add to our publication a section named
"This Week."

Chris Burford

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