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Mon Jun 17 01:26:01 MDT 1996

>> >That reminds me of a question: Why do so many leftists end up on the
>> >right?
>> Because both sides hate the middle?
>> Doug
>Maybe.   I don't hate the middle more than the right.  How about other
>people here - who do you hate the most?
>I suspect some people were on the right all along and just didn't know
>it.  For example, the writers at Partisan Review in the 50's. They
>spent lots of time writing how much they hated Communism and popular
>culture.  It's not surprising to me that they would end up happily on
>the right, especially once conservative intellectuals embraced modernism.
>And there might be a few opportunists on the right. People might go right
>in search of a pay check.
>I remember an essay by Perry Anderson on why the European left turned to
>the right in such large numbers in the 1970's.  He mentioned Solzhenitsyn,
>the failure of Euro-Communism, issues concerning China, etc., but I'm
>skeptical. I suspect these issues were just excuses, or at least not the
>ultimate cause of their political change.
>Like most people, I've seen several personal accounts of how US leftists
>abandoned their ideals.  It's hard to be on the left in the US, I imagine,
>but why the turn to the right?  For example, I've read that the
>Reagan administration had many former leftists in its ranks. A frequent
>poster on Usenet - a rabid libertarian - James Donald describes on his
>web page how he was simultaneously a Trotskyist, a Maoist, and an
>anarcho-syndicalist as a youth, and then was disillusioned. It's an odd
>story, but apparently a common one: leftist turns to the vicious right.
Dear Paul,

The fluxuations of intellectuals is hardly new. I think Hitler was at one
time a Social Democrat. Even workers fluxuate from left to right. And as to
wether they turn to left or the right usually depends a lot on what is going
on historically at the time.

It does not neccessarily mean that it is always from left to right. It could
also be from right to left.

Maybe it is that the present left was born and lived in the special
circumstances that came out of the destruction of world war two..

Warm regards
malecki in exile

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