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Robert Malecki malecki at
Mon Jun 17 01:26:18 MDT 1996

Well Rolf, i have to give you credit. You are a far more serious maoist then
i thought at first. Although i do not agree with your analisis of the
inter-bureaucratic fights in the Chinese bureacracy, i do give you credit
for throwing down the mantle and saying that the question is important. More
 important then the fake unity that Aldolfo is trying to create around his
new solidarity iniative WMC.

However i think that you misunderstood Aldolfo and his pretentions. He does
not want to discuss these differences. He wants to create a rotten block
around WMC!

And in order to do that he is prepared to swallow the "official" line of the
PCP on these events. He has made a concious choice. The reason he does not
want to debate this stuff at this time is because it would throw a monkey
wrench into to his fake unity plans around the WMC.

But perhaps with your long article on the inter-bureaucratic fights in the
Chinese CP will force his hand.

It will be interesting to watch. And hopefully all on the list will learn

Besides these events are far more important for the world movement then
Aldolfos fake solidarity with events in Peru and the PCP. Your documents
deserve and answer and this fight should be fought out to the end...

Warm Regards
malecki in exile

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