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Zeynep Tufekcioglu zeynept at
Mon Jun 17 05:23:57 MDT 1996


I apologise for that post. I did what I should not have done. I carried into
this list a dispute I was having here with that group I mentioned as not
deleting my phone number. Here, I think they are careless with their own
people. I was mad at them for this. So, I post my own phone number to a few
thousand places, then get mad at the DHKC for including it. Poor excuse.

It was my anger at other events related to them. Nothing to do with anyone
in the list, or this particular event.

I really want to apologise, and thank all that did forward my posts about
the situation. It was really very useful, and my initial intention. It was
my personal problem with that group's behaviour, totally unrelated to this
event, that got me mad. And in this case, they were also right, and did the
right thing. I apologise to them, if any supporters of them are reading this.

I followed some tracks, and tried to apologise to anyone who encountered my
inital, inconsiderate annoyance.

I feel real silly. My knee-jerk reaction was so obviously shallow. I've got
a lot to learn about not mixing issues as it suits my mood.

Forgive me, if I hurt the feelings of anyone acting in good faith.

Feeling bad,

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