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Mon Jun 17 08:41:00 MDT 1996

Karl Murphy:
> The former Soviet Union was an area emancipated from commodification and
> the law of value. Capitalism is prepared to allow the emergence of areas in
> which the law of value has been suspended in order to obsturct the working
> class from bringing about social revloution.
> To suggest that the former Soviet Union was ewither a degenrated workers'
> state or state capitalism flies in the face of the most basic of evidence.

Louis Proyect:
It is startling to discover that capitalism is prepared "to allow" areas
to emerge in which the "law of value" is supennded. Evidence to the
contrary exists in Hitler's invasion of the USSR, the American
war against Vietnam, the embargo against Cuba, etc. If this is signs of
"allowance", what would happen if capitalism decided to refuse "to allow"?

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