upheavals in England, 1640 - 1848

Adam Rose adam at pmel.com
Mon Jun 17 03:54:34 MDT 1996

Just a little comment.

On the left in Britain from 1789 - 1848, it was common currency to support
Irish independence. In the 1790's, revolutionaries in both countries looked
to France as their model.

Yet as the revolutionary movement in Britain became more working class, although
there was still more or less unquestioned support for Irish independence, the
close and fraternal relationship between the two movements broke down.

One of the Thompson's, I think Dorothy, explains this tension by pointing
out that the source of the problems was the right wing nature of the Young
Irishmen. They hated strikes, and working class organisation. Feagus O'Connor,
the Irish leader of the Chartist movement in Britain, couldn't stand them.
So there were few ORGANISATIONAL ties between the two movements between 1838
and 1848. They were not soulmates, as the two movements in the 1790's had been.


Adam Rose


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