"Genderscape" of the left? of the internet? of this list?

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Mon Jun 17 11:18:14 MDT 1996

>At 3:31 AM 6/16/96, Zeynep Tufekcioglu wrote:
>>Why are there so few women in this list? Is it because the internet is a
>>more male toy? Or is it just this list? I find it hard to believe that the
>>left in western countries is even more male-dominated than here.

Do not really know how it is in other countries. But the left itself in the
60ties and seventies must take a good part of the blame. Much of the left
was created in the student envionment here around "solidarity" questions.
The left in general was in general a battleground for macho male
intellectuals rather then concrete questions facing the working class.
Niether have the tradition of communist work among women been very strong or
in fact work in the trade unions.In fact a lot of women got burned in the
left organisations during this period.

Many of the fiorst "feminists" at least here in Sweden at some sort of
history in the left. However the dominating theory that came out was drawing
a sex line instead of a class line. Naturally the left in no way combated
this tendency by counter posing communist work amongst women. In fat the
left did nothing to discuss the womens question or in fact the working class

They were to busy like Rolf discussing Mao and the gang of four or The
permanent revolution or Euro-communism..

It was only at the end of the 70ties and into the 80ties that the left made
a turn towards the industries here. But this was very workerist and only
industries like the automobile and heavy industrie really counted. The
public sector was ignored.

This is where the majority of women are organised in the labor force here.
But they are still ignored. Revently one of the key strikes in this country
was in the ward sector. and the left pretty much ignored it. Too bad because
a lot of women were very angry.

However the feminists in the face of this were successful in bringing out
their multi class feminist line because the left basically did nothing other
then ignore women.

Today the left is started to make a turn on the women,s question. However
very late and in a rotten and unprincipled way. In many of the left
organisations here today the few women that are organised put "feminist"
before socialist or communist or whatever. The Eurocommunist have gone so
far that there recent party congress took a resolution declaring that the
party was no longer communist, but feminist.on the womens question...

Naturally the left must take the blame for how the womems question was
handled. In fact in many organisation the same treatment was dealt out to
working class kids who found there way into these organisations.. So things
are a real mess..

Forward to a communist womens movement in a new revolutionary
international.We have to go back to the first four congresses and look at
there politics on the womens question and develop it from there.

However the left because of its rotten anti worker and anti women policies
of the 60ties and 70ties turned a lot of people away. Now we are going to
have to start from almost zero again..

Warm Regards
malecki in exile...

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