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Mon Jun 17 12:26:33 MDT 1996

Why do so many leftists endup on the right.
	The question shows the wrong way of looking at people's politics, as a
matter of individual courageor cowardice. Of course the system puts tremendous
resources into convincing people that changing it is impossible/dangerous. So
people who get clear enough about what is going on to get involved in
attemtpting to change it will often, faced with many years of blows and bruises,
give up. What is left is the next generation of revolutionaries, and a hard core
who stay left, usually because their understanding is somewhat clearer.
	I always think that defeat doesn't demoralize in itself. being defeated
and not knowing why is what demoralizes. This is why the masses of French
leftists who supported Mitterrand and such slogans as "The socialist party must
break with capitalism"  have almost to every last one, given up the fight. Once
theyhavegiven up, whether they actually go to the right or not is really a
 	I think illusions (in Stalin, in Eastern europe, Cuba or Nicaragua) when
shown to be so by time have encouraged thousands of revolutionaries to give up.
The clearer the vision, and the more leftists manage to stay in close touch with
real continuing active struggles, the longer they last as revolutionaries.
	Further don't forget that it is in the system's interest to make sure
lots of people know when leftists move right. Leftists or others who stay left
don't get on the TV. In recent programmes in farnce about 1968, this was
literally true.
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