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Mon Jun 17 18:29:21 MDT 1996

Has anyone in this list ever read the menmoires of Enver Hoxha?  I have only
read a tome of his entitled "The Khruschevites" .  There he portrays himself
quite honestly as the greatest Marxist-Leninist alive.

A real know-all old Enver.  He had it all figured out to the last detail and
everyone properly classified and labelled.  This enabled him to look down on
every one of his contemporaries, and he had some really towering figures of
the International Communist Movement to look down to.  Georgi Dimitrov,
Chairman Mao, and Joseph Stalin. But for Enver Hoxha there was never a good
enough a Marxist nor a most loyal disciple of Stalin.

The book shows, in my opinion, that Hoxha particularly resented Chairman
Mao's reputation as a Marxist scholar and philosopher, and he shows this by
quite a few despective remarks about the Chairman.  But then, for Enver,
there was only one man he treated with adoration and that was our Uncle Joe
Stalin.  And even then, one gets the impression that Hoxha allegiances are
quite very much influenced by such considerations of how much each one is
worth to Hoxha in economic terms.

However, Enver reflects quite badly upon himself by relating his personal
encounter with the chinese communist leader.  He goes on about how he,
Enver, had to straighten Chairman Mao up on quite a few of the finer points
of doctrine.  Obviously, one figures Hoxha going on and on about the bees in
his bonnet, but the surprising thing is that the irony is totally lost on
him when Chairman Mao responds putting an end to the sterile discussion:
"Comrade Hoxha is truly a 100% Marxist-Leninist, we do not presume as much".

Adolfo Olaechea

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