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>"A true revolutionary is motivated by great feelings of love," says
>Ernesto Che Guevara, who I guess, would hate to be reminded that
>today is his 68th birthday;
>And the fact Lenin did not come back fuming against being mummified and put
>on display was the last straw in convincing me there is no afterworld,
>because if there were, I'm sure he would have found a way to return and
>repeat firmly that he had just asked to be buried next to his mother;
>But then, I still can't help say-
>Happy Birthay Ernesto.


Yesterday I was at a meeting where Commandante Urbano spoke.  He was one of
the survivors of the disastrous Bolivian expedition.  I went with an
anarchist friend and he was keen to attack the Cuban Revolution of course
for being Stalinist, but fortunately he held his peace. The event was held
at the local university and sad to say there were only 36 people at it.

Part of the problem is that it was organised by the Democratic Socialist
Party (was the SWP and connected to the American SWP).  They have a bad
reputation as party builders and sectarians and so unfortunately anything
they organise thends to get boycotted by the rest of the Left, not that the
Left is very big in Brisbane at the moment.

But I wish more people had been there to see a genuine old revolutionary,
someone who had been with Guevara. Urbano seemed a very quiet modest man who
spoke anecdotally rather than analytically about Che.

Still I  thought it was a personal honour to be there.



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