Chiapas famine alert & some concrete controversy

Robert Malecki malecki at
Tue Jun 18 00:02:43 MDT 1996

>Comments on international solidarity with Mexican struggle--
>Concretely I advocate that American workers support workers struggles
>in Mexico.  In particular the bus drivers in Mexico City, the SUTAUR
>deserve support.  We need to support all the mass struggles in Mexico
>against the capitalist PRI government, including particularly the
>indigenous peasants of Chiapas.  Yes there are problems with the EZLN
>and who they are trying to rely on to build a nationwide movement in
>Mexico.  But of course we have to defend them against government
>repression (which is also ordered by U.S. imperialism).
>I have resisted getting involved in the anti-NAFTA activity in the
>U.S. because of the chauvinist content of so much of this agitation.
>I prefer to point out that the NAFTA represents a general trend of
>international politics and economics that was occurring before
>NAFTA.  The issue is international working class solidarity not a
>nationalist fight over jobs.  Some activists I work with disagree with
>me on this and feel an internationalist opposition to NAFTA is
>politically possible and necessary.

Jack, do you have any material on the above?
>Another front I consider of primary importance is the fight against
>the persecution of immigrants.  One of the big problems in organizing
>the American working class has always been the influence of chauvinism
>and racism.
I agree with the general trend of Jacks thinking. However i would like to
know more about NAFTA ..

Warm Regards
malecki in exile

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