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Tue Jun 18 00:02:37 MDT 1996

>Has anyone in this list ever read the menmoires of Enver Hoxha?  I have only
>read a tome of his entitled "The Khruschevites" .  There he portrays himself
>quite honestly as the greatest Marxist-Leninist alive.
>A real know-all old Enver.  He had it all figured out to the last detail and
>everyone properly classified and labelled.  This enabled him to look down on
>every one of his contemporaries, and he had some really towering figures of
>the International Communist Movement to look down to.  Georgi Dimitrov,
>Chairman Mao, and Joseph Stalin. But for Enver Hoxha there was never a good
>enough a Marxist nor a most loyal disciple of Stalin.
>The book shows, in my opinion, that Hoxha particularly resented Chairman
>Mao's reputation as a Marxist scholar and philosopher, and he shows this by
>quite a few despective remarks about the Chairman.  But then, for Enver,
>there was only one man he treated with adoration and that was our Uncle Joe
>Stalin.  And even then, one gets the impression that Hoxha allegiances are
>quite very much influenced by such considerations of how much each one is
>worth to Hoxha in economic terms.
>However, Enver reflects quite badly upon himself by relating his personal
>encounter with the chinese communist leader.  He goes on about how he,
>Enver, had to straighten Chairman Mao up on quite a few of the finer points
>of doctrine.  Obviously, one figures Hoxha going on and on about the bees in
>his bonnet, but the surprising thing is that the irony is totally lost on
>him when Chairman Mao responds putting an end to the sterile discussion:
>"Comrade Hoxha is truly a 100% Marxist-Leninist, we do not presume as much".
>Adolfo Olaechea
Hi Aldolfo,

Why don,t you be honest about your headers! Try open letter to Rolf Martens..

or how about; Rolf Martens, Hoxhaite scumbag..

Warm regards
malecki in exile

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