Stalinist aspects of Trotsky

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This is wrong. After the 1912 Congress Trotsky
attempted 'conciliation' between the two wings,
and later organised his own group - the
Mezraoyinitsi (Inter-District Organisation) which
merged into the bolsheviks in 1917. The history
is complex and interesting - one thing you might
read on it is the section in Ticktin (ed) 'The
Ideas of Leon Trotsky'.


OK my central point was that Trotsky was a Bolshevik in
the sense of seizing power by force and defending by force.
He was a Bolshevik formally from 1917.

Perhaps this thread should then be extended as "Leninist
aspects of Trotsky". In view of your concise paragraph above,
can I now ask, to what extent do Troskyists claim that
Trotsky's ideas are identical to, or at least harmonious with
those of Lenin?

PS which chapter of Ticktin?

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