When there is a will, there is a way

Zeynep Tufekcioglu zeynept at turk.net
Tue Jun 18 09:19:18 MDT 1996

>	You seem to make a lot of overseas calls. I'm curious, can one
>still blue box in Turkey?

Hi Kevin,

I have a sense of mission! Duty calls. So I call.

I don't know what "blue box" means, but I think, as far as I can discern
>from the context, it means can I somehow get a free ride on the phone lines.

I make overseas call when it is urgent that I get some message out. And when
my internet access is gagged. A fax is very cheap, takes a minute to go, and
a minute to the States is one US Dollar. Cheaper to Europe. Phone calls I
make are much rarer. Or I try to make them much rarer.

Money-wise I freelance. Out of my home mostly, since I can't really get
along with people in big companies, and need flexible time for politics.
There are times I can charge companies for my calls. (I'm a bad girl). I
won't tell you which company(ies). Security. (Say, you *don't* work for,
ahem, never mind.)

The rest, I pay outta my pocket.

Oh, the things we do to emancipate humanity, save it from certain doom and
save the earth.

Flash Zeynep

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