upheavals in England, 1640 - 1848

Rahul Mahajan rahul at peaches.ph.utexas.edu
Tue Jun 18 14:51:55 MDT 1996


>By the end of this post Rahul manages to realise that there have been some
>anti Imperialist English people, even though he has to go back to William
>Blake !
>If we transfer the argument to today's dominant Imperialism, the US, similar
>sentiments as Gary's + Rahul's are used to write off the possibility of
>socialist revolution in the US. And it seems to me that if you do that,
>you write off the possibility of socialism altogether.

Come off it, Adam. I even think you're anti-imperialist. It's just
presumptuous as hell for you English leftists to tell us Indians and Irish
that all is forgiven, don't you think?

I don't hate any people in itself, not even the English or Americans, but
it's too easy to say that the evils of Anglo-American imperialism are
solely due to the ruling class, without considering how exactly it is that
the ruling class can yank everybody else around. There are certain traits
fairly widespread in these nations that contributed to their bloody rule,
and that I hate unequivocally.

I didn't make any arguments about the possibility of socialist revolution
anywhere. I can't imagine how you got that out of what I said.


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