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Tue Jun 18 17:21:22 MDT 1996

Hello Malignki,

You wrote, i.a.:
>Just must gag a lot of
>Maoists from opening their mouths other then to start screaming "I hate
>Trotskyists" "I hate Trotskyists" ten times in every answer to your
>political opponents.

I do hate'm. and I've had things to say to you on political issues
before, and I think it might be useful to do some discussing of
facts with you later, too.

>Finally! I just read Aldolfo,s post. The next label we are going to see on
>this list will be directed at you along the lines of Hoxhaite scumbag or
>Hoxhaite agent of Fujimora perhaps. But I promise Rolf to call you only in
>political terms that evolve out of our coming fights..
>War Regards
>malecki in exile

Your about-face just recently was interesting. Some time ago, you
warned my "poor" comrade Adolfo that he had "painted himself into
a corner" with awful me. And as late as 15.-16.06, you attacked
that "awful Adolfo - RM bloc". Now, after my long posting to Adolfo
with criticism of him and others on the G4 question on 17.06, you've
become so much more "friendly" towards me, and in your eyes,
Adolfo has become (Trotskyites') "public enemy No. 1." again.

Are we a little "dissention sower", perhaps, Maligninkili?

Rolf M.

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