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Wed Jun 19 00:58:40 MDT 1996

Gary's quotation rang true to me. I thought also of the
Biggles books (about the air force) for acculturating young middle
class English boys in a mixture of decency towards your racial peers
and condescension towards others. The reference to fatness is
interesting and also reminds me of the Dan Dare comics, (about
colonising space) in which part of the heroism is that Dare's foil
and sidekick is horizontally challenged, but decent enough
bloke from Wigan (north of England) who does speak the Queen's
English quite correctly.

Class, gender and imperialist prejudices are reproduced
in childhood. I continue to be disappointed that I never found
anyone genuinely interested in debating the political significance
of the teenage Ninja mutant turtles with me. Steve Keen on this
l'st used insist that they were Ricardian exceptions to the law of
value. I think all this stuff is central to the reproduction of

Chris Burford

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