State capitalism?

Rahul Mahajan rahul at
Wed Jun 19 06:19:40 MDT 1996

>Do you not think the common elements I pointed out existed in the four
>countries : India,Egypt,Algeria,Cuba ?
>1. Revolutions, led by sections of the middle class.
>2. Working class prevented from playing leading role by Stalinist CP's.
>3. State plays a central role in production after revolution.

Adam, any mode of analysis that puts India and Cuba in the same pigeonhole
is completely and utterly useless. BTW, in India the working class didn't
play a leading role because there wasn't enough of it, its consciousness
was not sufficiently developed, and it was subordinated to the Indian
National Congress in most of its major efforts. Stalinist CPs, although
present, had very little to do with it. Only if you study the details can
you figure out how to weigh various factors relative to each other.

The under 5 mortality rate is 12 per 1000 in Cuba (at least before the
recent crunch) and 143 in India. Cuba's not exactly brimming over in
wealth, but its U5MR is barely higher than that of the US. Call the
difference what you wish, but for most of the people in the world socialism
is as good a name as any. You and I would disagree with them maybe, but
let's not belittle that difference.


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