Anglo-Saxon Labour Party trend and Discontent with Unions

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Wed Jun 19 07:39:49 MDT 1996

Malecki, ever the convivial nitwit, writes:

>Been watching your posts for a few days now. They appear to be a tendency of
>partically mindless activism, partially a family of revolutionaries,
>partially a poor little Turkey third world mentality, partially anti
>Leninists and finally a blend of various reformist and stalinist ideas under
>the guise of being something new..

Malecki, if you had an ounce of credibility with anyone, anywhere,  I'd
travel to Sweden forthwith and pour ground-up Valu Jet discount coupons into
your oatmeal.    "Mindless activism"?   "family" of "revolutionaries"?
"third world mentality"?    Malecki,  what in hell is the matter with you?

Or do we need to meet on the field of honor?

>The basic political trends and movements going on today have hardly

Truly amazing.    A 'static' view of marxian dialectics.   "Hardly changed"?
A Labor Party, such as was tentatively born in Cleveland earlier this month,
as flawed and as ambiguous as it is, would not have been possible twenty,
ten, or even five years ago.    It is a halting, ambivalent, but nontheless
clear challenge to the two party system that has dominated American politics
since 1860.    It is, in fact, the most significant political party to
emerge from elements of the working class movement since the American Labor
Party of 1948.

And, yes, there were nationalistic elements in Cleveland.   And right in the
leadership.   After all, the OCAW has proportionately,  next to the
Steelworkers and ACTWU,  lost the most jobs to "foreign competition" in the
past two decades.   The visceral response, as Zeynep implied, has been to
scapegoat foreign workers.   The debate, too, over social issues,  revealed
a certain backwardness--legend among middle strata union bureaucrats--that
will certainly have to be overcome.    The major problem for the LP,
however, will be finding the political wherewithall to unite with broad
sections of the masses who have lost faith in institutions like unions,  who
are in no mood to be dictated to by a hidebound clique of bureaucratic
dinousaurs more dedicated to the preservation of a privileged way of life
than to the emancipation of the oppressed in the US and around the globe.

The Labor Party, nonetheless,  and especially given the militancy of its
rank and file,  is an important first step toward a workers movement poised
to move into the 21st Century.    People, including those on this list, are
needed to propel this movement forward.

A final word on Mr Malecki.    Here you are, ensconced in your pathetic
"exile",  suffused like so many others by the parochial suspicions of an
isolated peripatetic "leftism".    You condescend to pass judgement on the
real life struggle of people eleswhere in the world.   Have you ever
considered coming back to your own country and engaging in real life right
here in the US?

I know, I know, you have no country,  the proletariat has no nation.

Then how the hell can you be in "exile"?

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