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Well, it sounds like the comrade being accused of being clairvoyant was indeed,
or more likely just picked up the way the wind was blowing.
	Maybe Rahul doesn't think he subscribes to a Labour aristocracy theory,
but the statement that if everyone lived as well as US workers today do the
world wouldn't be able to manage is exactly that.
	firstly, you cant' count it like that. Greens and such like people tend
to take the annual consumption in the uS and divide by the number of people.
This is stupid. In what sense is millions of dollars wasted on advertising
insurance, creating identical products, building armies and missiles etc etc a
way in which the US workers consume resources. It isn't. In fact, if we didn't
have the power of profit to deal with we could reorganize production, and
everybody in the world could be ten times as rich in real terms (space, luxury,
free time, leirsure, access to culture)  as the avreage USer is today.For two
reasons : one we coud stop wasting the majority of the world's resources on
being unemployed, preparing wars and advertising/banking/finance etc (all of
which could be rapidly cut down and eventually eliminated). Secondly, if the
world's scientists weren't worrying about how to make money for their bosses
they could invent some better stuff to save energy and money.
	In no way is socialism about cutting back  on the way workers live in the
Us or anywhere else.
	Which is a good thing, because if it was, then there would be a sense in
which US workers would profit from the statusquo... and therefore would be
unlikely to make a revolution.
	Now it's not an attack to say that you are on a labour aristocracy
position, rahul, but you are, and I don't agree ...
John Mullen
Socialisme International

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