Bullshit Louis!

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Thu Jun 20 01:26:01 MDT 1996

>Louis: Cry? No, laugh is more like it. The "polemics" and "debates" of
>Marxists from previous generations you refer to is, like everything else
>that the left engages in today, a cartoon version of the real thing.
>As a rule of thumb, I don't think it is useful for individuals like
>yourself who have never led a mass struggle of working people in their
>entire lives and who belong to subatomic groupuscles to attack other
>individuals and small groups as "traitors", etc.

Ha, hear Louis. He has never led any mass struggles either,only supported
mass struggles which lost because the leadership had the wrong politics! And
the reason that we go around our entire lives attacking small groups is
because we do not agree with their pretentions and solutions for fighting
for a communist future. As it is both our right and duty to do!
>What this has led to is a strained and uncomradely atmosphere among
>Marxists that has made collaboration next to impossible. It has also made
>our cause seem bizarre to people who are recruitable to our cause.
>Anybody visiting this list would take one look at the sort of stuff that
>you and Malecki post every time you sit down at the keyboard and slap
>their foreheads in disbelief.

Ha, Louis stop the whining. This is not a trade union meeting where one must
explain again and again to workingclass people. This is the marxist list
where numerous tendencies and groups of mostly "intellectuals" are vying to
lead the working class with politics and political programs. Much of it
based on various different political tendencies in history. This is a
serious and deadly battle. Not some "family of revolutionaries" game where
everybody claps each other on the back..There are serious differnces going
on here.
>We are dealing with a terrible sickness among Marxists in the United
>States today, particularly among would-be "Leninists" like yourself. This
>sickness is based on a total inability to put things into context. You
>have no idea what time it is. You also have no idea of your real size. So
>instead of acting in a modest fashion as befits a person of small
>accomplishments, in a period of political low ebb, you act as if you were
>leading millions during a prerevolutionary situation. You think all
>the chips are on the table. Wrong. Wake up, silly man. This type of
>delusional behavior is endemic to the left unfortunately. You and Malecki
>seem to have an extreme case of it, however.

Ha, coming from a man who supported a leadership that handed the revolution
over to the bougeoisie in an election, i take this with a nip of salt. In
fact your whole line is basically; If your big enough in size, your politics
mean nothing. I support you because this is the real mass struggle. And in
Nicarugua you supported the repression of the Morenoites along those lines.
That is the political thrust of your line..In fact we are wide awake to
people like you. Articulate,but politically bankrupt
because of your line of the party of the whole class being the real action..
>This is the problem that revolutionary propagandists like yourself
>inevitably find yourself in. Since you have no way of measuring the impact
>of your rhetoric, you have no way of correcting yourself. If you were
>involved in a fight to gain some reform that benefits the working-class,
>you would be much better able to see if your ideas had any merit. The
>progress of a fight for "Communism" can never be properly monitored, can

Ha, as if we do not take part in defending the gains workers make or lose in
the everyday class struggle. But defending reforms does not mean
lidquidating the idea of a revolution party and revolutionary international..
>My impression is that the sort of political culture that you and Malecki
>identify with is rapidly on its way out. Most people have been thoroughly
>inoculated against it from having been exposed to the bitter and
>self-defeating fights of the 1960s and 1970s. Some people, of course,
>never wake up. This explains Malecki's twilight-zone trip. The only thing
>he is really exiled from is present-day reality.

Ha, The Trotskyist have been around a long time Louis. The only thing you
are saying in the above is that you have given up in any idea of making a
revolution. You support anything that moves as long as its big enough. Good
luck. But the Trotskyists do not want to take part in your cozy little
party. It would be a betrayal of the working class. However we will let you
have your illusions and can even accept your whining on this list. But it
will not change the basics and Malecki certainly will not turn over a new
leaf in order to cozy up to the present family on this list..

Warm Regards
malecki in exile

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