State capitalism?

Adam Rose adam at
Thu Jun 20 02:57:47 MDT 1996

Louis writes:
> You draw a distinction between all of these various "capitalisms" and a
> "socialism" that existed for less than a decade in the USSR in the 1920s.
> With such broad distinctions in place, there is not much work left for
> Marxist analysis to do. Just hold the country in question (Cuba, Algeria,
> etc.) up against this basically abstract model and draw a conclusion based
> on whether it conforms or not. This is not a Marxist approach. It is
> formal and schematic.

Look Louis, could you please stop saying this sort of thing ?

I have, in case you haven't noticed, stopped saying that thinking
Cuba is socialist leads you away from the working class as the agent
of change, and all the fundamental Marxist ideas about the state.

I still think it, I just try to say it more subtlely.
Please reciprocate.


Adam Rose


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