Testing Eudora Light 1.54 / Win 95

Jorn Andersen ccc6639 at vip.cybercity.dk
Thu Jun 20 06:38:27 MDT 1996

(To anybody else: Sorry - please delete + ignore)

Hi Louis and Adam,

I am testing a new (for me) mail program - Eudora Light.

As far as I can see it should make it's own line wraps when the edited mail
is sent. This section is written *without* "forced" CR+LF - and if I am
right then it should make it's own CR/LF after 76 characters. If it is true
then this makes editing a little easier than always having to adjust line
lengths manually. And one more advantage: It is real Freeware - not Shareware!

Now new line(s). What I would ask you is if you could reply to:

Is the line length OK?
Are there any "binary trailers"?
Any other things disturbing readability?
I've sent this to the list and CC'ed to your E-mail address, are there any

Thanks for your help - if tests are positive I will let Netscape get lost
and switch over. For people with line wrapping problems Eudora must be *the*
answer - and going through some of my mail from the list it semms to be
quite popular too.
Only problem is that it is an e-mail program *only*, where Netscape has
integrated E-mail, News Groups and WWW-browser.

Thanks again.


Jorn Andersen

Internationale Socialister

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