Bullshit Louis!

hariette spierings hariette at easynet.co.uk
Thu Jun 20 12:56:48 MDT 1996

>>>On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:
>>>> You support anything that moves as long as its big enough. Good
>>>> luck.
>>>Louis: Robert, this type of sexual innuendo has no place on a Marxism
>>>list. Take that over to alt.kinky.sex if you don't mind.
>>Sex with cockroaches, Louis?  That is really more than kinky!  Unless it be
>>a recomendation for the cockroaches themselves!
>When it comes to the cockroaches they obviously are doing fine. Not only an
>International bug, but a long history of struggle to survive just about
>every pesticide,
>that exists. Probably will have to nukem and their eggs...
>malecki in exile

Yeah! Especially their eggs! But that shall be in a few million years time.
Meanwhile, the old Red Army Maoist/Stalinist boot will continue to be useful
to squish-squash them when they get too pesty!  There is no need to nuke the
roaches to achieve communism let's say in the next 50 to 100 years. How are
the various missus Cockroach doing these days, malecki.  Still whoring with
the US Marines?  Or just cavorting with the "Quispe"/Fujimori fuzz balls? Is
it now just fuzz to fuzz, roaches to roaches? What happened to your "united
front" with the "Quispe" cartoon character?  How about dropping them a
tenner from your hefty Robert Crumb royalties for the "human rights"
campaign to defend that MPP hero of theirs.  By the way, do you know what's
his name actually may be these days?  Maybe you could hire him more
effective attorneys than Larry, Curly, Moe & Ccockroachmanya


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