State Capitalism and Cuba

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Jun 20 14:00:35 MDT 1996

On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, Tony Tracy wrote:
> Clearly Louis had way to much fun as a child in the playground: he doesn't
> seem capable of debating a question without resorting to pre-adolescent name
> calling ("knucklehead"? "puppy-dog"? "zombie"? an offer to punch me in the
> nose? --- my pre-school aged daughter can do better than that...).

Louis: Are you really this stupid? The point that was being made to you is
rather simple. You pop up on this list right in the middle of a furious
debate enlisting your support on behalf of an international "democratic
centralist" current. You make sure to include your party label underneath
your name so nobody will miss the point. By definition, your understanding
of "Leninist" norms wouldn't even permit you to change your position
publicly on this list. So the least you could do is exercize a little
sensitivity and tack when entering a discussion in midstream. (Oh, gee, I
forgot. Sorry. You are the people who are going to deliver us to
socialism. Never mind.)

> In answer to what little substance Louis encloses in his reply -- yes, Cuba
> has managed to bring about some reforms in the midst of an anti-imperialist
> struggle. And I defend those reforms. However, reforms (as I attempted,
> briefly, to point out) do not make for socialism.

Louis: Substance? My substance is something you chose to ignore: namely
the difference between Cuba and Canada. Are you giving a press conference
here and choosing which question to reply to? When you get around to it
some day, let us know how you have the brass to compare Canada to Cuba.

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