Bullshit Louis!

Kevin Cabral kcabral at freenet.columbus.oh.us
Thu Jun 20 14:18:16 MDT 1996

On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:

> Kevin wrote:
> >
> >	Such a Bolshevik-Leninist you are Malecki. Of course, 10 more
> >years of civil war for Nicaragua would have followed the 1990 election if
> >the FSLN had'nt given up power, and a possible US invasion of the country
> >could have been on the chalkboard. But what's the big deal if 30,000 lives
> >are lost? Tell me Malecki, what should the FSLN have done after they lost
> >the 1990 elections?

> Your hypothetical 30,000 is just ridiculous liberalism. In fact many more
> then that are going to suffer and die because the leadership gave it away.
> But you are to stupid to realise this obviously.

	You need to provide evidence for this claim Malecki. Have 30,000
people in Nicaragua died because they lost the benefits they had in 1989?
How many would die in a civil war or invasion? I really don't know, and I
doubt if anyone does. Perhaps Louis can talk on this matter? Should the
Sandinistas have made Nicaragua a one-party state, put MORE resources into
military spending? I don't think so.

> >	Should they have mobilized their massive army against the United
> >States? Or waded through another 10 years of horrible civil war? Or should
> >they have placed a call to the Simon Bolivar Brigade for additional help?

> The above. Yes, yes, yes, is that clear enough for you. Naturally the Cubans
> are faced with the same problem. Do you think they are going to lay down
> there arms or die on the barricades? Because they can not defeat the
> American military either. Niether could the Vietnamese. Nor the Mexican
> indians. But it is better to fight a battle and lose. Then turn it over in
> and election. And not only the Morenoites, but others not only in Nicaragua,
> would have fought...
	Both the Cubans and the Vietnamese have already defeated the American
military. Neither Cuba nor Vietnam faces an invasion on the drawing board.
Nicaragua had not yet defeated the US military, or even fought it, in 1990. An
invasion could have been emminent if the FSLN refused to turn over power
in the election.
Cols, Oh

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