Invasion of State Caps or Malecki goes on a picnic!

hariette spierings hariette at
Thu Jun 20 17:19:51 MDT 1996


>On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:
>"In fact they don,t really want to get there hands dirty
>with the history and tactics of these great movements."
>"How can anybody who abstains from getting his hands dirty with transitional
>states, or trade unions, or whatever be noticed."
>Louis: Robert, I believe there is some Boraxo right next to the sink you
>might want to try. For the really ground-in dirt, I suggest a trip out
>to the garage where'll you find some Gunk. If the Boraxo and the Gunk
>don't work, you should find an axe and chop off your hands.
>work, there's some

Hi there Louis:  What's that?  Organising a picnic for roaches?  Malecki
would surely end up enjoying his boraxo while crawling under the sink, and
then would positively devour his oodles of gunk for desserts and siddle
around the garage looking for pickaxe to shave off his feelers!


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