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The month of April opens up a successful prelude along a new strecht of the
road of the Peruvian armed struggle. This month was marked by a
proliferation of qualitatively superior guerilla actions against the
counter-insurgency installations of the Peruvian state.  The engagements
took place nearly all over the country.

These attacks had a demolishing effect on the mixed troops - that is, on the
joint patrols of army and paramilitary "peasant rondas" and "civil defence
groups".  Here is a brief synthesis of some of these aditional actions
complementing the information we had already advanced in our Number 33.

Valley of the Ener River.  Central High Jungle.  Government troops suffer 8

Commencing on April 15 the People's liberation Army launched an important
military offensive along the interior of the Satipo region (Central High
Jungle).  According to official sources 8 military officers and nearly a
dozen paramilitaries were eliminated in the various engagements.  However,
unofficial sources revealed that the casualties on the military exceeded 30
while the para-militaries suffered more than 40.

Blow Against Paramilitaries in Ayacucho

On April 17 a guerilla column of approxiamtely 100 fighters of the People's
Liberation Army (PLA) raided the town of Anchihuay in the province of La
Mar, Ayacucho.  The Maoists entered the town around 2 am and took by
surprise the troops of the "Self- Defence Committee" organised by the
Politico-Military Command of the Ayacucho region.

The rebels organised a popular trial of four of the paramilitary chieftains
who were condemned to death and executed on the spot. Those 4 kingpins of
the reactionary militias were directly attached to the army and for a long
time had been carrying out abuses and criminal actions against the peasants
who resisted the anti-insurgency plans of the government.  Before their
execution, the paramilitary honchos were taken to the main square (Plaza de
Armas) where the People's Trial took place with the participation of all the
population of the town.

The guerilla column spend the night at Anchihuay, and before withdrawing,
confiscated all the weapons with which the Fujimori army had equipped the
paramilitary detachment for its anti-insurgency role.  In this manner, one
of the most criminal anti-insurgency bases run by the army in Ayacucho was
totally destroyed.

Huanta-Ayacucho Interprovincial Highway Cut by Guerillas

On the night of April 19 a strong and heavily armed guerilla column, equiped
with combat rifles and rocket propelled grenades took over control of the
highway to Ayacucho, via the city of Huanta. The blockade was established
near the locality of Huanchuy, 50 kilometers from the city of Huanta and
only 40 kilometers away from the main anti-insurgency base of the region.
The guerillas strictly controlled the passing traffick, cars, buses, trucks
and any other kind of vehicle, and all drivers and passengers had to show
their identity cards.  In this operation a government agent was killed when
he tried to defend the money he was carriying in his briefcase.  The
government payroll employee refused to surrender and died defending the
regime's money when he was overpowered by superior fire.

Ashaninka Paramilitary Trooper Dies in Combat with Maoists

On April 22, in a clash between a guerilla column and mixed
army/paramilitary troops one of the Satipo ronderos was killed.  In this
battle, as it is their policy, the army soldiers used the paramilitaries of
the region as cannon fodder.  The engagement began at 8 am and the
initiative was taken by the guerillas who a few hours before had assaulted a
military fort.  Unofficially, the number of casualties inflicted by this
violent night attack was at least 4 soldiers.

That same day of April 22, in Huancabamba, Piura, a rebel group set fire to
a bus belonging to one of the buses of the transport company Civa, whose
owner is a high ranking regime/mafia supporter in the region.

Lima Attack on Lieutenant Governor

On April 25, a rebel unit of the Maoist guerillas failed on an attempt on
the Lieutenant Governor of Huaycan, Carlos Alberto Principe.  The failed
attempt took place in the Huaycan community.  Alberto Principe is one of the
most active organisers of paramilitary "self defence" groups in the area.
He is also a key collaborator working directly with the police garrison of
the township.

Battle of Andajes.  A paramilitary killed.

On April 28, in the town of Andajes, only 120 kilometers from the important
coastal city of Huacho, the Maoist guerillas gave another blow to the
paramilitary rondas.  The guerilla attack took place by surprise in the
afternoon and one of the chieftains of the paramilitaries garrisoning the
town was killed in the battle.  The guerillas wounded or captured another 10
troopers who were released after being severely warned that next time there
would not be any leniency towards them should they persist in serving the

Satipo:  Soldier and Paramilitary Trooper Killed

April 29 (Esmeralda River Valley) Again the maoist guerillas dealt further
blows to both the army and paramilitaries.  On that day, a large rebel
column engaged a mixed patrol (soldiers and paramilitaries) and one soldier
a one trooper were killed in combat.  The regime's forces also lost a dozen
wounded who had to be ferried out by helicopter back to the city of Satipo.
The Armed Forces tried to hush this defeat refusing to say anything official
about this battle.

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Committee Sol Peru - London

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