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Thu Jun 20 20:52:11 MDT 1996

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>The continued existence of the wage labor system defines the nature
>of the class realtions of production in the USSR.
>Karl Marx stressed that wage labor and capitalism are inseparable:
>The fundamental feature that  divides capitalist from socialist
>society is that socialism entails the abolition of waged labor.
>Neither the USSR or any E. European state ever moved to abolish
>waged labor.

Neil, you're forgetting that there has to be a transitional workers'
state to get from capitalism to socialism. Wage labor can't be abolished
overnight, any more than the state can -- both "wither away" over time,
more or less rapidly depending on how backward and isolated the workers'
revolution remains. It should be no shock that the economy of a workers'
state remains capitalistic, at least in its early stages and especially,
as in the case of the early USSR, in a case of extreme economic

If you rule out the transitional society you're saying in effect that
socialism is unachievable.


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