Party Reconstruction

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Re:	Party reconstruction

Dear Ray,

Your critial  points about elections for the CC , mainly  semi-bourgeois
style,  but in a rev. communist party  are trenchant. These old movement
methods should be corrected before the next wave of mass struggles comes
up, or we will all pay dearly once again!

Having 1st hand experience inside  both trotsky and in ML style failed
parties of the past  and in discussions with others with similar
experience, the need for near Communist like equality of all members ,
candidates , etc. is a key issue to struggle over, even now!

Your concept of separation of the  political and organizational
is problematic. If we separate ,& compartmentalize the two,
won't the "organization power mongers " use this to their own advantage
against the  ranks mainly? With The other group, the "politicos" ,
could not elitist elemnets among them, bogart the politcal debate

You are absolutly correct that the Rev. communist Party cannot just
proclaimitself that! It will have to "earn its respect" in practice
>from the militant fighters of the class in common struggle against
the rich and their state. Yes, I certainly do want to hear your views on
the proper relationship between theory and practice!


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