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>At 20:30 20-06-96 +0200, you wrote:
>>In fact we even have some that go so far as to compare some of the steps
>>taken in Cuba as being no better then the reforms in Canada! Incredible.
>>Only a state cap could come up with some crumbs handed to the workers in
>>Canada by the bougeoisie and its partners and the real struggle that took
>>place in Cuba involving millions of workers.
>How, when, where and in what were these millions involved?

OK, Didn,t somebody recently post some real long documents on the Cuban
Trade Unions. All of the Cuban reforms after taking power was a process
involving millions of people. Or do you think they were served to them by
Fidel. True the reason we say that Cuba is a "deformed" workers state
because it was not a workers revolution. But a guerrilla army that led the
assault. But the Nationalisations and block committees and health care etc.
involved millions of people. It also destroyed the capitalist class in Cuba
and went into a transitional type state. Although in a bureaucratic manner..
>>But still the Question comes down to some very basics. Class struggle and
>>revolutionary uppheavals in those states that, either the workers overthrew
>>(Russia) and the various states where peasant armies overthrew the
>>capitalist class and started on a road of transition to socialim. Despite
>>the deformations and degenerations Communist defend these great gains earned
>>in blood by struggle of millions of people.
>Which peasant armies? Where?

Oh! I see Fidel and Che did it by themselves..

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