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Fri Jun 21 07:33:24 MDT 1996

Hello Neil,

first things first, I think it's worth reiterating that the
suggestions I've made with regard to the organisation and
structure of a future party are not put forward as cure alls.
What they are meant to do is militate against past and present
bad practice; the cure for that past and present bad practice is

Which brings me on to your comments on the seperation of
political and organisational responsibilities within a future
revolutionary party. You say:

...If we seperate, and compartmentalize the two, won't the
"organisation power mongers" use their own advantage against the
ranks mainly? With the other group the "politicos", could not
elitist elements among them bogart the debate internally?

Thrre points: firstly, with the removal of political power from
the "organisation power mongers" of the current central
committees, much of the appeal of those positions would
disappear. With the removal of the ability to formulate and
impose the "party line" much of the the appeal of current
leadership practice might also disappear.

Secondly, don't forget to place the ability to become an
"organisation power monger" in the context of my suggestion for
the selction of central committee members - the combination of
election followed by selection by lot works against the building
of entrenched positions of power.

Lastly, and most importantly, there is no "other group" of
"politicos"; political power is held in the basic units/branches
of the party (encompassing all party members including those
serving on the central committee), and is manifested in the
sovereign body of the party, it congress/conference. I am
suggesting that it is the functions of the party which are
separated, not its membership.

All the best Raymond Hickman

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