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1980 - 1996
In this section we report the speech of the representative from Committee
Sol Peru. The version we give is a translation from the original French.
The message underlines the strenghtening and development of the People's
War.  It constitutes a rebuff to the Peruvian regime and imperialist
propaganda prattling on about a purported defeat of the Peruvian guerillas.

On Friday May 17, Committee Sol Peru - Belgium organised a political event
in celebration of the 16 Anniversary of the People's War.  This political
act was attended and supported by nearly 100 people.  The varied attendance
embraced a veritable international gamut.  There were comrades from Belgium,
>from Africa, Peru, Chile, Phillipines, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay
and many other countries.

The meeting had two parts:  One was a strictly political act in which a
representative of the Committee delivered a speech touching on the most
important events of 16 years of People's War (see text below).  The second
part of the evening was a happy social event with Peruvian music and dance
presented by "Surupana", a group of accomplished Peruvian musicians who
played Andean music from Peru and the rest of South America.

This kind of event has been held for the last four years in Belgium.  Every
May 17 is now a very special day for the symphatisers of the People's War
who live in Belgium and other European countries.  In this way, Committee
Sol Peru, which supports and defends the armed struggle in Peru, shares its
hapinness with the Belgian community.  This kind of event of celebration of
the initiation of the Peruvian revolution is part and parcel of the work of
generating favourable public opinion for this process.

The representative of Committee Sol Peru, in his brief delivery, referred to
the current situation of the armed struggle, the development of strategic
equilibrium in the revolution.  He paid tribute to Chairman Gonzalo.  He said:
"Chairman Gonzalo, the leader of the People's War was arrested in 1992 and
jailed in an underground cell.  There, under inhuman conditions, he
continues heroically his combat and resistance".


16 years ago, the people of peru said: Enough! and they took up arms to
conquer their freedom.  16 years ago the unflinching road of the struggle
for socialism and communism opened up for us. In these 16 years thousands of
courageous men and women have laid down their lives for the revolution and
for the obliteration of exploitation and injustice.

It was in a day like today's, on May 17 1980 that an elite force of
communists led by Chairman Gonzalo began the greatest liberation epic in
Peruvian history. They were dubbed "The Initiators", and that is how history
knows them now and will always know them. On that memorable and epic day,
Chairman Gonzalo said:

"Let actions speak ...... We have issued a call to arms, a call for armed
struggle. Our voice has not fallen on deaf ears, this seed has not fallen on
a wasteland.  It has fallen on good earth and is begining to germinate.  The
words we unfurl to the wind carry a powerful echo, a growing echo which will
shake our motherland".


And truly the armed struggle is a powerful thunder felt all over Peru and in
all oppressed countries of the world.  The poor in Latin America, in Africa,
in Asia and other lands know that the revolution led by Peruvian Maoists is
a part of their own struggle against imperialism and the oppressing classes.
The People's War in Peru is a formidable example of revolutionary struggle
aimed at the seizure of power.

In this 16th Anniversary of the initiation of the armed struggle we should
of necessity note some important aspects of this historical process:

The Communist Party of Peru, the vanguard of the oppressed classes in Peru,
is an organisation whose strenght is rooted in its ideology and its
unbreakable links with the masses of the poor in Peru.  The PCP is a Party
guided by the scientific ideology of the proletariat, that is to say,
Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and in this ideology's concrete application to
Peruvian reality which is embodied in Gonzalo Thought.

The PCP, as the proletarian General Staff, is fully prepared to overcome the
greatest difficulties which inevitably present themselves in any
revolutionary process.  The Peruvian guerillas are confronting one of the
most voluminous anti-insurgency apparatusses in latin America.  The military
and paramilitary forces of the Peruvian state have around 627,000 personnel.
And these forces are supported and advised by the main imperialist powers,
particularly the USA.

These 16 years of revolutionary war fully demonstrate that the oppressed
masses are invencible when they are led by a true communist Party.  These
years also prove that People's War is a superior military strategy vis a vis
any the enemies of the people may use.

The Peruvian experience reaffirms the fundamental principles of Marxism,
such as the universal validity of revolutionary violence as the only road
for the conquest of power, as well as the necessity and inevitability of the
establishment of proletarian dictatorship.

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The People's War advances as a torrential river towards its final goal:
Socialism and Communism.  The current stage of the war is that of strategic
equilibrium in the revolution.  The principal features of this stage are:

Consolidation of the People's Liberation Army.  Strenghtening of the United
Front. Developement of Mobile Warfare.  Growth and multiplication of
People's Committees as the expression of the New Power.  Development of the
strategy of surrounding the cities from the countryside.

Strategic Equilibrium

As part and parcel of the phenomena of strategic equilibrium, the Peruvian
state militarises itself ever more:  The state repressive apparattus grows
at an enormous rate, and the general decay and rotteness of official society
also grows enourmously.  Within this process, the bogus "democracy" regime
headed by the puppet Fujimori sinks into a gaping crisis in the economical,
political and social fields.  This is something that can be seen in the
growing misery of the people, the degree of corruption within the highest
political circles, the links of the regime with the international drug
mafias and in the bankruptcy of the political parties within official society.

Chairman Gonzalo, an Exemplary Fighter

In this Anniversary of the armed struggle, we salute one of the greatest
revolutionaries of the present era.  Chairman Gonzalo.  The leader of the
People's War was arrested in September 1992 and jailed in an underground
bunker. However, from that underground trench he continues to combat and
resist against his jailer with heroism, despite the inhuman conditions of
his captivity.  He is an ever present and undying example for the people in
continuing to serve the Party and the Revolution!

Long Live the Communist Party of Peru!
Long Live the People's War!
Long Live Chairman Gonzalo!
Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!
LOng Live the World Proletarian Revolution!

May 17, 1996
Committee Sol Peru - Belgium

Translated and Published in Internet by
Committee Sol Peru - London
Press Commission

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