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Fri Jun 21 09:04:21 MDT 1996

Hello Jorn,

thanks for the reply - no it wasn't rubbish, I hope you don't
think this is. I sent my other rather terse post before I got it
-  sorry about that. Anyway the two problems I'm trying to get at
are I think these. Firstly, from your 'socialism = workers power'
perspective what is the role of the revolutionary party after the
revolution? Secondly, and don't take this the wrong way, but just
how rapid will the world revoltuion you envisage need to be?

I think after a question as open to ridicule as that last one I
need to provide a little explanation. In your post you refered to
post-revolutionary uneveness in working class consciousness, and
you put this down to the existence of 'unbeaten enemies'. I
presume these enemies represent external and internal threats to
the post-revolutionary societies. Therefore implicit in what you
write is an assertion of the need for a rapid and widespread
revolutionary transformation, so that in your words the enemy can
be 'beaten for good' and the harsh differentiations within the
working class be softened/done away with. In a world which is I
still beleive characterised by uneven development, I find that
this scenario has a certain day dream like quality to it; it
feels like a day dream in the way it presents a future imagined
panacea to current all too real problems.

If this is the way you see socialist revolution happening - not
just the way you would like it  to happen - then fair enough; I
still want a lot of convincing that the 'law' of uneven
development has been negated to the required degree by the
globalisation of the world economy. If I have misrepresented you,
then I come back to my first question; what is the role of the
revolutionary party in a post-revolutionary situation where - as
the collective of the advanced elements of the working class -
it is defending the revolution and its gains against internal and
external threats?

All the best Raymond Hickman

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