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Fri Jun 21 10:10:09 MDT 1996

>>Hi everyone. I've been reading postings for about a week. here is my
>>first posting. In advance i have to apologize because of language
>>On Wed, 19 Jun 1996 Malecki wrote:
>>)Turkey is hardly a third world country!
>>Showing Turkey and other underdeveloped countries as imperialist as the
>>G-7, fits well into the capitalist agression against nation-states in
>>this era of post-fordist global capitalism. For ideologues of globalism,
>>number first enemies are underdeveloped nation states and *third
>You are joining this agression in the name of Marxism by
>>labeling North/South problems/conflicts as *opportunism* --although your
>>sincere intention may not be this--.
>>Warm Regards
>>Haluk Geray
>>geray at
>Hello there Haluk:  Yes, it is normal to assume that of malecki when you
>have only been reading him for three weeks.  Later, it is really streching
>it to believe that he may be "joining this agression" without any intention,
>sincere or not on his part.  I have already come to the conclussion that
>there is not one "sincere" bone in our own Robert malecki, the list's pet

Haluk, the above is one of the house "maoists". Naturally his opinion of me
is quite low. His problem is that he usually turns to calling people names
and pulling out his steel tipped boots to deal with the opposition he can,t
answer politically.
>Just squash him now and then with a heavy boot or something!  He'll just go
>"squish-squirm" and dissapear for a while.  It always takes him some time to
>"hatch" again from his "multi-egg" roachy personality and to return to us
>with the same old garbage. In the mean time, maybe a few productive ideas do
>actually get thru to the list, so squashing him, though messy, has always a
>positive effect, and there is no fear he'll go away for ever either.  Have
>you ever heard of cockroach control?  It is just like that with our robert!

See what i mean. If you read the above closely, it is Aldolfo, the great
defender of Stalin, who without a state power to back him up any longer
sounds a bit ridiculous.
But it is not only myself that he runs around with is crazy antics. In fact
there has been going a war on here the last weeks and Aldolfo lost it. He
finds himself in a rotten block with another strange character in Sweden who
diosagrees with Aldolfo in just about everything. However they have made
common cause in trying to take over the solidarity groups with the Peruvian

If you need any mor info about Aldolfo, there is a *famous* interview he
did. One of the things that Aldolfo loves is publicity. Someone on the list
has probably saved it and can send it to you. It says reams about Aldoplfos

Warm Regards
malecki in exile..

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