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Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Jun 21 11:19:42 MDT 1996

On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, Robert Malecki wrote:
> Haluk, the above is one of the house "maoists". Naturally his opinion of me
> is quite low. His problem is that he usually turns to calling people names
> and pulling out his steel tipped boots to deal with the opposition he can,t
> answer politically.

Louis: Actually, Hulak, everybody on the list despises Malecki except
Malecki himself whose self-love knows no bounds. He is a person who has
absolutely no political experience at all in the difficult terrain of
revolutionary party-building, but who tries to speak with a mantle of
authority typical of people who are at the heads of state. He always
refers to himself as "Malecki". This is equivalent to what is often called
the "royal we".

He believes he is the only real "Bolshevik" on the planet earth while all
the rest of us are "Mensheviks" who need to be exposed. He is a curious
sort of Bolshevik, however. The historical Bolsheviks were members of a
movement who participated in strikes, demonstrations against Czarist
repression and other forms of popular struggle. Malecki, on the
other hand, has never passed out a leaflet in his life. His political life
revolves around sectarian tirades against other socialists on this mailing
list and other Internet forums. He is, to use the American vernacular,
somebody who needs to "get a life".

He is an American who fled to Sweden after destroying some draft files
during the Vietnam war. While the rest of us were organizing mass
demonstrations, he was overseas sitting on his ass and telling tall tales
to gullible Europeans.

He has not gotten off his ass for nearly the last 25 years, but listening
to him tell it, you'd think that he was the Lenin of today. Poor Lenin.
What he has to put up with. If was resurrected and came back to earth and
discovered that windbags like Robert Malecki were invoking his name, he'd
probably join the Republican Party.

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