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Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Fri Jun 21 14:34:37 MDT 1996

Louis whines on...
>Louis: Actually, Hulak, everybody on the list despises Malecki except
>Malecki himself whose self-love knows no bounds. He is a person who has
>absolutely no political experience at all in the difficult terrain of
>revolutionary party-building, but who tries to speak with a mantle of
>authority typical of people who are at the heads of state. He always
>refers to himself as "Malecki". This is equivalent to what is often called
>the "royal we".

Yes, Louis the expert on Malecki...Louis,s ideas of political experiences is
like acting as a PR man for Anti-Bolshevik and Anti-Leninists party ideas.
When he finds somebody who he can convince of his great work for the
Sandinistas and in fact those who opposed them from a revolutionary
perspective he starts showing his Latin American chavinist temperment.
However he hasn,t, *yet* gone as far as Aldolfo and his jackbooting..

>He believes he is the only real "Bolshevik" on the planet earth while all
>the rest of us are "Mensheviks" who need to be exposed. He is a curious
>sort of Bolshevik, however. The historical Bolsheviks were members of a
>movement who participated in strikes, demonstrations against Czarist
>repression and other forms of popular struggle. Malecki, on the
>other hand, has never passed out a leaflet in his life. His political life
>revolves around sectarian tirades against other socialists on this mailing
>list and other Internet forums. He is, to use the American vernacular,
>somebody who needs to "get a life".

Now Louis knows the above is just his bullshit whining. I have not accused
everybody on this list of being "Menshevik" but louis i certainly did!
However Louis,s political profile comes very close to this ideal..Especially
his ideas of a *real* party where the masses are like the Sandinistas. It is
just that we horrible Bolsheviks don,t understand poor Louis and his
dilema..Unlike Louis who lives in his Menshevik dream world,malecki actually
as taken part in both wars and revolutions albeit as a working class kid or
my participation was and is out of a vanguard perspective rather then
Louis,s ideas off tailing everything that moves..

Sectarian for Louis is a persistent defense of a vanguard party for the
proletariat vs his ideas...
>He is an American who fled to Sweden after destroying some draft files
>during the Vietnam war. While the rest of us were organizing mass
>demonstrations, he was overseas sitting on his ass and telling tall tales
>to gullible Europeans.

Yes, I am American and i destroyed hundreds of thousands, perhaps even a
million draftfiles and orders calling poor and working class kids up to die
in Vietnam. Futhermore i took responsibility for the destruction of the
computer network of Dow Chemical. This and other actions did in fact stop
the draft and stop the production of napalm and agent orange by this
corporation. And i was also organising demonstations. The difference is that
Louis was organising around the reformist slogan of "Out now!" along with
the SWP. The question of which side should win and turn the guns around were
far to radical for Louis and the SWP who tried to expell militants from
there single issue populist line directed at the student movement. While in
prison we tried to get Hoffa and the Panthers and others to go out in a
working class and poor manifestation against the war. We failed but we
tried! So stop the whining Louis..In fact the SWP was the far right of the
anti-war movement and responsible for its disintegration after the war was
over. So your real mass hero shit is just reformist opportunism. It led to
the split in the SWP both with the Mandelites in Europe and the Spartacists
in the United States. Why it would not surprise me at all that you were one
of the people holding the axe for the SWP expulsions around this time asshole..

Finally Malecki in his actions was not right either. However our class
instinks without the leadership of a party in the United States at the time
were much more connected to the working class then any of Louis or his pals
in the SWP were doing. In Cleveland where i was in a Tank factory there were
no SWP people. They were all on fucking campus you liberal whing sleezeball!
A tank factory with thousands of workers. The FBI came in and dragged me out
of the plant as a national security risk asshole..I was a member of the UAW.
What were you doing
our proletarian menshevik hero? Sitting in a campus sitin..
>He has not gotten off his ass for nearly the last 25 years, but listening
>to him tell it, you'd think that he was the Lenin of today. Poor Lenin.
>What he has to put up with. If was resurrected and came back to earth and
>discovered that windbags like Robert Malecki were invoking his name, he'd
>probably join the Republican Party.

Wrong again Louis. We did a lot of work both here in Sweden and a lot of
other places. But you would not no about this you were tailing the
Sandinistas and the *real* masses. Actually Louis if i get back to the
states i will certainly join a party organisation or at least work with
them. But it will be a Trotskyist organisation with a Bolshevik Leninist
line on the party question.

Finally the whole tone of your letter.. It smells of impodence! You don,t
know how to deal with working class people and their determined efforts to
find a way forward despite all the petty bougeois intellectuall creeps like
yourself who are throwing a lot of Menshevik garbage in the way. Some might
trip or even stumble over your dead body and reformist line. But Louis, when
the workers get your number we will leave you and the rest of the menshevik
rubbish at the wayside as we go forward to make history..

Our numbers are small Louis. But the Nicaraguans who you supported were big.
They fell apart going down the road. When our turn comes we will have the
program and the party to go all the way.

Because we have nothing to lose. You have your reformist credentials to keep
in tact! Ha Ha Louis the joke is really on you..A tired and defeated old
reformist living on the good old days of failure!!

Warm regards
malecki in exile

PS: This letter goes into the next number of cochroach as and example of
what the "marxist" list is all about. I am going to tell the working class
kids that it is sleezeballs like you we are going to have to debate and
defeat. Because your standing in the way of progress towards a party that
can really change. You want fucking war Louis you are gonna get it. Class
war with no holds barred. Petty bougeois intellectuals like you have to be
destroyed politically. You are rotten slick opportunists who will never
stand in the front of the future great class battles to come..

Come on Louis lets here some more whining. Perhaps we can make these a
series in Cockroach in the future. A whining Menshevik vs a working class
militant would be perhaps an appropriate title...

Read the book! Ha Ha Ha McNamara,Vietnam-My Bellybutton is my

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