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Fri Jun 21 15:49:52 MDT 1996

This is from the new issue of the Whalen Report, a newsletter on Mexico
written by Washington-based consultant Christopher Whalen. Whalen is a
free-market right winger who hates the PRI regime and has good sources in

>   Clinton's appointment of a former U.S. Army general as drug czar to lead
>the "war on drugs" is just part of a subtle shift in direction by the U.S.,
>a change that assumes greater economic and political instability south of
>the border. One 20-year veteran of the Justice Department says that "the
>openness of the southwest border is seen as a threat to U.S. national
>security" by many law enforcement and national security professionals.=20
>   "The reassignment of key military personnel, joint task forces and national
>guard people to anti-drug efforts and the de facto control of certain
>anti-drug funding by the Pentagon points to military preparations for future
>social and political upheaval in Mexico."

Whalen also points out that the new head of the Mexican police is a former
army person; he thinks that the regime may well be working up to a
crackdown. On my radio show yesterday he described the southern third of
Mexico as essentially ungovernable, which is alarming both the Mexican and
U.S. authorities.



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