State Capitalism and Cuba

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat Jun 22 01:30:56 MDT 1996

>On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, Louis N Proyect wrote:
>> > I sense, Louis, that this is a dodge of the question. Please explain what
>> > socialist property relations existed in Cuba... that is: did workers have
>> > *control* of the means of production? I argue that there is a fundamental
>> > difference between *nationalized* property relations and *socialist*
>> > property relations.
>> Louis: Workers "controlling" the means of production? If according to
>> your party line, they had control in the USSR up until 1928, then by the
>> same criteria they have had control in Cuba since 1960. Are you happy now?
>	You're still dodging the question with your normal irritating
>personal attacks. I'm interested in your answer. Do you see a
>difference between nationalized and socialized (or socialist) forms of
>production. Within nationalized forms of production could you draw a
>distinct line between what is state capitalist, and what is a degenerate
>worker's state. Are any of these categories sufficient to describe some of
>the countries we have been talking about (ex. PRC, Vietnam, Cuba)?
>Cols, Oh

Hi Ken,

I don,t know about Louis, but it appears to me that the above is a "loaded"
state capitalist question. Here in imperialist Sweden the state has
nationalised lots of industries since the 30ties. Now they are being sold
out to private interests as the welfare states sinks into the horizon. In
the Soviet Union the Bolsheviks nationalised just about everything during
and after October. Some with guns in hand others through a law or
declaration.  Two entirely differnt ways of nationalisation.

Now to the "or socialised". Isn,t this a state cap smoke screen to justify
not defending the gains of the nationalisations which took place in the
Soviet Union and Cuba? I mean that the state caps are throwing this up as
some sort of  bottom line.
Sort of putting the rib so high that people like youself can avoid taking
part in the real struggles invilved in these transitional states.

Sport of a game with words. Where the State caps say "we are really fighting
for socialism and workers power and in the Soviet Union and Cuba this does
not exist so we abstain and write them off as if nothing ever happened...

Warm Regards
malecki in exile...

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