Louis whines on

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Sat Jun 22 01:30:49 MDT 1996

>                   Yeah, I can hardly wait another 20 posts on the=
>   Sandinos.Christ on a crutch,Louis P. has done that one to death.
>    A fat bald headed mentally unbalanced has been leftist,who thinks
>   the list is his own personal soap box,not to mention setting himself
>  up as the lists net nanney,and threatening to kick peoples asses-yeah
>  right,think again -he'll probably get his ass kicked by some anarchist
>  as he walks out of Columbia U.Who really gives a shit what the self
>  inflated windbag says? No one-he just won't go away.A true leftist
>  legend in his own self deluded mind.Yeah big tough talking New Yor-
>  ker,that couldn't kick his way out of a Hong Kong whore house.
>   So for a change -L.P. why don't you get your fat FUCKING ass
>   lost.Your nothing but a lame ass keyboard jocky out of touch=20
>   with reality.
> ps:Joel Rubin if your reading this -stop fishing for names on alt.aol=
Look at the above Louis. Its not only malecki thats got your number!

Warm Regards
mal=F6ecki in exile

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