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Sat Jun 22 01:56:24 MDT 1996

On Sat, 22 Jun 1996, malecki at algonet.se (Robert Malecki) wrote:

>>"Irgun 3276 at aol.com".     Now just who in the hell is this fucking jackass?
>>                                                          Louis Godena
>Godena, our knight in shinging armor! Its somebody who got Louis,s number it
>appears.Shocking that there could actually be people on the list that start
>coming out of the closet.. Wait till there are a few mor working class
>people on this list. Then we are going to eat you up..Ha Ha Ha..
>Warm Regards
>Malecki in exile

malecki, one thing that lumpen petite bourgeios like you
always do is underestimate the working class.  Bring on
as many proletariat as you possibly can, you poser!  They
are most welcome here or anywhere else!  They will see
thru your stupidness as well as any here on this list at
present.  Only lumpen like quispe will support your pitiful

Jay Miles / Detroit

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