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Sat Jun 22 03:38:20 MDT 1996

Hello Jay,

You wrote:

>On Sat, 22 Jun 1996, malecki at (Robert Malecki) wrote:
>>I don,t
>>really care if the rich die in their suburban homes. But i do care that kids
>>die in the ghettoes and workers die because of the envionment in there work
>>Warm Regards
>>malecki in exile
>Hey malecki, you really don't care?  Just where are your two
>donkeys and pet pig anyway, in the city, the ghettoes or where?
>You are just a petite bourgeois hypocrite, you rotten scum of
>the earth.  You must have been at your city home all day today,
>I had to delete at least twenty of your stupid lumpen messages
>you poser.  POSER!
>Jay Miles / Detroit
Ja, just det. Och jag har nyss skrivit ungefaer detsamma
till honom paa svenska ocksaa.

(Meaning, Yes, precisely. And I have just recently written
approximately the same to him in Swedish too [on 'swnet.
politik'].) These *phoney* references to the "environment"
are part of an important line of action today by the
main reactionaries, "green" warfare. Not that the thing
Malignki was saying here was wrong in itself. But, as
you pointed out, it was hypocritical, as we can see from
the general standpoint of that writer, which we know.

Rolf M.

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