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Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Sat Jun 22 03:52:28 MDT 1996

>On Sat, 22 Jun 1996, malecki at algonet.se (Robert Malecki) wrote:
>>>"Irgun 3276 at aol.com".     Now just who in the hell is this fucking jackass?
>>>                                                          Louis Godena
>>Godena, our knight in shinging armor! Its somebody who got Louis,s number it
>>appears.Shocking that there could actually be people on the list that start
>>coming out of the closet.. Wait till there are a few mor working class
>>people on this list. Then we are going to eat you up..Ha Ha Ha..
>>Warm Regards
>>Malecki in exile
>malecki, one thing that lumpen petite bourgeios like you
>always do is underestimate the working class.  Bring on
>as many proletariat as you possibly can, you poser!  They
>are most welcome here or anywhere else!  They will see
>thru your stupidness as well as any here on this list at
>present.  Only lumpen like quispe will support your pitiful
>Jay Miles / Detroit
Ho Hum...Jay!

You are so political..Actually i like your style in a sense.. Perhaps we can
recruit you to the Workers Vanguard. But you are going to have to do just a
little better then the above. A little politics will help along the way to
becoming a part of a real Bolshevik Tendency...

malecki in exile

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