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EL DIARIO INTERNACIONAL NUMBER 34 (Pages 6 and 7) -  Center Fold right hand
colums with center display of pictures of Chairman Gonzalo and the PLA under
INTERNATIONL section heading)


The 16th Anniversary of the People's War constituted a great political event
both inside the country and abroad.  Here we publish some of the messages
and salutations from political organisations from Argentina, Canada,
Bolivia, India, and some support groups.  The content of these documents
reflect the
international impact of the Peruvian revolution.  These are also an
expression of the prestige that the PCP is achieving at the world level as
the leader of one of the most important armed struggles at the present
juncture.  These organisations - despite any ideological differences they
may have with PCP - express their solidarity and recognition for the heoic
effot of the Peruvian Maoists.



To study the People's War process in Peru, the history of the class
struggle, the guiding thought of Abimael Guzman within the context of the
revolutionary action of the Communist Party of Peru ia an inescapable duty
of every Latin American revolutionary.

Moreover, to support this revolution with all available forces is imperative
for Marxist-Leninists who today understand that this process is as important
as promoting the revolution in their own countries.  The revolutionary
process in Peru has driven the reactionary classes that US imperialism
supports into moral bankruptcy and has made these classes impotent as far as
their capacity to exert political-ideological control of society is concerned.

Today in Peru the contradiction between revolution and counter-revolution
has advanced sufficiently as to clear up from the political field any
social-democrat alternative.   Today in Peru life itself does not give any
ground for doubts: Either you are for the revolution, or you are in the side
of the counter-revolution.  All the opportunist clicques of the bourgeois
and petty bourgeois parties have shown their incapacity for providing a way
out of the crisis, and, on the contrary, in one way or another, they have
gone over, directly or indirectly to the side of fascism.

On the other hand, the hungry masses, the workers, students,peasants and
progressive intellectuals are taking up positions alongside those who have
shown in practice that nothing should be expected from rotten Peruvian
capitalism.  That means that today, the masses of the people and workers of
Peru are in the camp of revolution.

In this 16th year of People's War, there is still a strecht of the road
ahead, given that the strategic equilibrium would cause that the reactionary
camp strives to roll back this situation while the people and their vanguard
would also strive to deepen this process and to bring it to a revolutionary
outcome.  This is why this is a critical moment in which the battle "is not
yet decided", and that is why it is essential to give solidarity and support
for the revolution.

Any position ignoring this question will surely play into the hands of
Fujimori and his bloodthirsty armed forces. For example, "the peaceful
solution to the war" advanced by the advocates of "peace agreement" which
predicates the continuation of the present social order, would do nothing
but prolong the misery of the poorest sections of society while sustaining
the power of the rulers.  In synthesis, any policy that diverts from the
revolution cannot but serve to prolong the insoluble crisis of capitalism
and imperialism in Peru and to contribute to make sure that its weight falls
upon the shoulders of the exploited people.

Abimael Guzman has pointed out that any agreement at the negotiating table
that does not correspond to what the battlefield has already solved is
nothing but a demagogic swindle.  And this truth continues to be valid
today.  While such a principle is held aloft and adhered to, the prestige of
the Communist Party of Peru and its prospects of success cannot but continue
to grow.  Therefore, in this anniversary, we express our confidence in the
aims advanced and our solidarity with our Peruvian brothers.

The Liberation Epic led by San Martin (Translators note: Independence War
against colonial Spain which in 1824 led to Argentinian General Jose de San
Martin to enter Lima and proclaim Peruvian Independence) has taught us that
the destiny of Peru is directly linked to that of Argentina.  Once again, a
revolutionary salute!

Eduardo Maturano

Revolutionary Liberation Party.
Argentina, May 6, 1996.


Buenos Aires, Argentina, may 15, 1996

Dear comrades of the Communist Party of Peru:

In the name of the Liberation Party of Argentina (PL) I convey you a
fraternal salute in your principled people's struggle to rid Peru from the
yoke of imperialism and the oligarchy.

We value the contributions you have made and continue to make to the
revolution in Peru which have cost the blood of many martyrs, imprisoned,
tortured and persecuted.  Despite so much army and police repression on the
part of the genocidal regime headed by Alberto Fujimori you have persisted
in your struggle. And in many parts of the world that is a worthy example.

We would not want to end this salutation without joining you to demand
freedom for Abimael Guzman and all imprisoned comrades to whom we express
our solidarity in the sub-human conditions which they are suffering in the
jails of the reactionary state practicisng state terrorism.

It is you who know well the background of your struggle, its advances and
temporary set-backs, the tricks of your enemies and their various plots amd
conspiracies.  We cannot be aware of those things in the same way as you
are. But we do have an opinion: The revolutionary struggle in Peru must
continue until victory, until the installation of a popular revolutionary
government capable of expropiating the monopolists and the bankers.

With Marxist-Leninist solidarity.

Diego Zapata

Liberation Party of Argentina (PL)


May 8, 1996

The Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)-People's War, re-affirms its
total support for the armed struggle led by the Communist Party in Peru.
Here in India we have the experience that it is impossible to destroy
imperialism and reaction without armed struggle.

Our Party has been leading armed struggle for the last 15 years in Central
India and during that period we have lost 900 of our best cadres.
Struggling against the dictatorial regime in India and their allies, the CPI
(ML-PW) has developed a guerilla zone in an area with a population of 20
million people.  Our movement inspires itself in the armed struggle of the
Peruvian people led by the Communist Party of Peru (PCP).

We are confident that the struggles of the peoples of Latin-America and Asia
will grow and turn into a powerful force that will bury imperialism,
feudalism and all reactionary forces in these two great continents.  Our
Party sends fraternal regards to the Communist Party of Peru and demands
immediate and unconditional freedom for Comrade Gonzalo.

Vivek Sharma
Communist party of India (Marxist- Leninist) - People's War


The Revolutionary Communist Party of Argentina (PCR) salutes the 16th
Anniversary of the Armed Struggle led by the Communist Party of Peru and
re-affirms its anti-imperialist and revolutionary solidarity.

May 10, 1996
Pablo Gutierrez

Translated and Published in Internet by
Committee Sol Peru - London
Press Commission

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