Info to help you combat "green" warfare

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Info to help you combat "green" warfare  [Posted: 22.06.96]

I've already posted to this list some articles on the "green"
genocidal warfare engaged in by the main bourgeois forces in
the world today, and I'll post more later. These above all have dealt with,
and will continue to deal with, the political aspects of these matters.

The genuine Marxists need some technical/scientific information
concerning them too. Today the standard in most respects in this
field is horribly low, also in so-called "advanced" countries. This in
part is explained by the fact that, in the last two decades or more,
the schools in those countries in general have engaged in massive
witholding of information and massive brainwashing in the
"green" genocidal direction, and this has been supported by
the (equally government- or establishment-run) phoney"Marxist"

Some homepages I think may be useful to many comrades,
for scientific/technical iformation, are:

Homepage of Adams Atomic Engines, Inc., USA
(Rod Adams, who i.a. publishes "Atomic Energy
Insights" and often has debated on ''):

John McCarthy, Computer Science Department,
Stanford, CA 94305
*He who refuses to do arithmetic is doomed to
talk nonsense* (is his standard ending - I agree there)

Homepage in English of MFK, Sweden
(Environmentalists for Nuclear Power - so far,
there's still not much text in English):


Rolf M.

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