Adolfo takes a step!

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat Jun 22 07:37:22 MDT 1996

>Now the whinning prole-roach is in favour of dropping bombs on people.  Yes,
>in order to kill people, you probably need bombs or bullets, and that goes
>for electronic people too where those "bombs" and "bullets" are necessarily
>electronic ones too!.  But what malecki calls "bombs" are nothing but
>exploding Groucho style cigars which actually do blow up, either in his
>antennaed roachy lumpen and pork-choppy face - or better, in that of any one
>to whom he gives the "kiss of death" of his "support"!  Anyway, using even
>electronic bombs to "kill" maleckis is rather an anti-socialist practice,
>wasteful and unnecesary, like using cannon fire on the flies such as "Irgun"
>or any other lumpen fool with an attitude.  I hope the intelligent people
>see now both the humanity and socialist economy aspect of just using the
>electronic Stalinst boot to squish malecki as required.  I myself, find it a
>relaxing exercise every now and then!
>Come on malecki, give us another meat riot speech, or otherwise I'll stomp
>you with another quote from Lenin directly contradicting you! Then you will,
>as always, have to whine your "electronic death rattle", go "squish-squash"
>roachy all over again on us, while crawling back into your garbage can under
>the kitchen sink once more.  There, you will meet "quispe" too, who has in
>the mean time taken up your space with his "cartoon guerilla fighters" who
>in the end, like Cinderellas at midnight, turned out to be just "peasants
>caught between two fires"!  Nothing but braggarts and swindlers in your

Aldolfo actually has taken a step. He has backed down a bit on the
Stalinists steel boots. Electronic bombs is the message. Has reality of an
old Stalinist without state power caught up with you Aldofo?

And here is a bomb for you.

Aldolfo writes:

"Today in Peru the contradiction between revolution and counter-revolution
has advanced sufficiently as to clear up from the political field any
social-democrat alternative.   Today in Peru life itself does not give any
ground for doubts: Either you are for the revolution, or you are in the side
of the counter-revolution.  All the opportunist clicques of the bourgeois
and petty bourgeois parties have shown their incapacity for providing a way
out of the crisis, and, on the contrary, in one way or another, they have
gone over, directly or indirectly to the side of fascism."

Is this the new line of the PCP and Aldolfo? Have you made the Social
Democrats the main enemy of revolution or just Fujimoras sidekick? A couple
of days ago you were applauding the "National Democratic" revolution after
seizing power. Meaning making a deal with the progressive elements in
Peru...This was against Gina,s ideas of immediately starting a cutural
revolution against the very same elements.
i must say that our house *maoist* swings his political positions here and
there determined only by trying to make some sort of wierd polemic against

I guess its not political line that is important for Aldolfo. Just being
slick enough to squirm out something under the guise of being a Lenist position.
The rest of the stuff is Aldolfo playing with words. You should have been a
poet instead of a "Maoist"..

Christ, it must be boring for Aldolfo these days. Quispe has left to do some
serious defense work. Martens and Aldolfo are like cats and dogs. Of course
he has Godena and Jay. But that is no challenge to his intellectual
capacity. Too bad Aldolfo that you wound up on the "Maoist" fringe. You
could have done better with your talent..

Warm regards
malecki in exile....

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