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>Monks to launch New Unionism -
>major recruitment shake-up pledged
>In a bid for a radical expansion in union membership and influence,
>TUC general secretary John Monks will launch New Unionism at a
>specially convened conference at the Barbican Centre in central London
>today (Tuesday). The conference marks the start of a concerted
>recruitment offensive on the part of 71 unions representing just under
>7 million employees.
>The conference, New Unionism - organising for growth, aims to help
>unions get to grips with the new insecure labour market and reverse
>the slide in union membership which reached a peak of 12 million in
>1979.  In a hard hitting speech John Monks will  warn unions not to
>rely on a change of government for a change in union fortunes.  He
>will call on unions to get back to their organising roots, put their
>money where their mouth is and shift resources away from servicing a
>shrinking pool of members in traditional union strongholds to
>recruiting in new jobs and industries.
>New Unionism will also be addressed by the American union centre,
>AFL-CIO's, newly appointed organising chief, Richard Bensinger.
>Bensinger, who earned his organiser's stripes working under cover in
>an anti-union clothing firm in Colorado,  is expected to deliver a
>tough message to British unions, warning of the threat of the rise of
>a non union sector and urging them to put recruitment and organisation
>Two hundred and fifty union delegates from around Britain  will be
>called on to break into non unionised jobs and industries,  and target
>recruitment of "new" workers, including women, part-timers and youth.
>According to the latest labour market analysis, which will be
>presented to the conference, the growing service sector, including
>low-paying national hotel and fast food chains, is ripe for an
>organising offensive.
>TUC general secretary John Monks said: "Anyone who believes that union
>fortunes will change overnight if Labour gets into power is living in
>a fantasy land.  The fate of the union movement lies in our own hands.
> This conference is about getting to grips with the new labour market
>and showing that unions can appeal as much to a part-time hotel worker
>in the South as a full-timer in heavy industry in the North.  Unions
>must never become an elite club for those in a full-time steady job.
>Our mission is to represent the interests of all people at work.
>"Most unions have now set recruitment targets and there are signs we
>are turning the corner on recognition.  The trade union movement is
>renewing itself, sharpening its appeal and learning to represent the
>interests of new workers in new ways. We have to spread the message
>that this is a new unionism today."
>Media credentials: Please fax name and organisation to Louise Tordoff
>on 0171 467 1241 or `phone 0171 467 1388
>Conference details: the conference will beheld in Cinema 1, the
>Barbican Centre, London EC1 on Tuesday 18 June from 10.30am - 4 pm.  A
>media pack is available from Louise Tordoff
>Contact: Frances O'Grady 0171 467 1218 (w) or 0171 609 0187 (h) or Dee
>Sullivan 0171 467 1248 (w) or 01426 317903 (pager)

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