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Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Sat Jun 22 10:20:32 MDT 1996

At 9:30 AM 6/22/96, Robert Malecki wrote:

>>"Irgun" writes:
>>> Yeah, I can hardly wait another 20 posts on the glourious
>>> Sandinos.Christ on a crutch,Louis P. has done that one to death.
>>>headed mentally unbalanced has been leftist,  who thinks......
>>"Irgun 3276 at aol.com".     Now just who in the hell is this fucking jackass?
>>                                                          Louis Godena
>Godena, our knight in shinging armor! Its somebody who got Louis,s number it
>appears.Shocking that there could actually be people on the list that start
>coming out of the closet.. Wait till there are a few mor working class
>people on this list. Then we are going to eat you up..Ha Ha Ha..

Since when does someone who uses the nom de plume "Irgun" have a claim to
representing the working class?



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