Louis whines on

Rahul Mahajan rahul at peaches.ph.utexas.edu
Sat Jun 22 14:18:03 MDT 1996

There's something people may be missing here. Some person or maybe persons
with aol.com addresses have been yanking us around. First the foul-mouthed
idiot Elsequin, then the cop-lover Ostrakava, the paranoid Sanjii (worried
about Lou P and his jackbooted friends harming his eight-year-old). There
was also RosaLuxe, who seemed as well to be more interested in insults than
issues. Now we have Irgun, who obviously chose his/her/its name for a

Clearly, there's some deranged person who gets his jollies from sending
idiotic flames. As long as the volume is low, we should just ignore him
completely. It shouldn't be hard to figure out who he is, even if he
oh-so-cleverly changes his address again. If the volume gets too high, we
should just remove the bastard, instead of bothering to reply to him.


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