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Jon Flanders 72763.2240 at
Sat Jun 22 21:24:50 MDT 1996


  Could you(briefly) cite some evidence that the capitalists are sabatoging
increased energy consumption in the Third World? The last I noticed, there was
a race to build auto factories all over the Far East. Autos are by far the
worst contributors to global warming(which I guess you deny exists).

  If what you said had any truth, then there would not be the feverish
industrialization of places like Indonesia, China and Brazil. No one can blame
these countries for telling the US and other imperialist nations to stick it
in their ear, when it come to autos, nuclear energy or coal burning. The cheap
gas-automotive transportation policy in the vast North American continent
impresses no one as a sound environmental program.

  It will take drastic changes in energy consumption in the US, primarily, to
set an example for others, before Third world countries can be expected to
pursue another energy model.

  Frankly, your views on this question sound like warmed over Lyndon LaRouche
to me. But I guess I'm just another eco-nazi labor aristocrat.

 Jon Flanders

  E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 22-Jun-1996

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